Study Area

The West Hill / West End study area is located near the northern extent of the City of Albany. The boundaries of the study area closely mirror those of the City Neighborhood Associations. The southern and eastern boarders of the study area are defined by major arterial roadways, Central Avenue and Henry Johnson Blvd respectively. Everett Road forms the boarder to the west. The northern portion of the area is relatively close to the city’s northern border, thus separated from Colonie by a railroad alignment, Patroon Creek, and I-90 highway. Ontario Street marks the dividing line between the two neighborhoods with West Hill to the east and West End to the west. Both neighborhoods contain large parks, Tivoli Lake Preserve and Swinburne Park, that act as significant landmarks within the community. The study area is approximately two miles from the City’s core downtown area near the Hudson River waterfront.West Hill and West End Study Area

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Note: Map provided by the City of Albany Department of Planning & Development