The West Hill / West End Revitalization Plan is an initiative by the City of Albany aimed at providing West Hill and West End with a vibrant economy, diverse housing choices, safe and walkable streets, a high quality of life, and a healthy environment. Based on extensive community and stakeholder input, the plan will culminate with a set of concrete action steps for five key areas. 

Neighborhood Economic Development 

Neighborhood economic development encompasses all economic dimensions of the West Hill and West End neighborhoods including local businesses, employment, workforce development and skills training.


Housing addresses the quality of housing structures, density of residential areas, mixture of uses, housing affordability, opportunities for home ownership, compliance with building codes, and the preservation of architectural and historic features

Environment & Community Life 

Environment & Community Life is inclusive of all social and recreational programs within the community that influence residents’ quality of life. This includes parks, recreation, culture, social activity, and formal and informal public space. It also encompasses health, and human safety topics such as litter and waste management, the presence of street crime and drug abuse, and food access amongst many others.

Transportation and Mobility 

Transportation & mobility includes all the ways in which  residents reach their destinations and move around the neighborhood, the City, and the Capital Region. Transportation modes include walking, bicycles, public transportation, and automobiles.